How to Fold and Store T-Shirts

Looking for some new ways to fold and store your t-shirts? Read on to learn about the best methods we’ve found.

How to Fold and Store T Shirts

T-shirts are by far the most commonly worn type of shirt on the planet. That means that we often have a lot of them, making them hard to store.

In this article we’ll review 7 ways to fold a t-shirt. Then, after briefly talking about hanging t-shirts, we’ll give our recommendations for storing t-shirts in a drawer and packing t-shirts for travel. 

Folding T-Shirts with the Basic Fold

This is the fold you probably already use unless you follow the “bachelor system”– clean clothes get piled on a chair and dirty clothes go on the floor. If that sounds like you, now’s a great time to change. 

Lay your shirt on a flat surface. 

Basic fold 1

Fold the shirt in half so that the sleeves overlap. 

Basic fold 2

Fold both of the sleeves over on top of the shirt. 

Basic fold 3

Starting from the bottom of the shirt and going to the collar, fold the tee in half. 

Basic fold 4

Fold in half again. 

Basic fold 5

A completed simple fold 

Basic fold 6

This is perhaps the most basic way to fold a tee. 

Ranger Roll a T-Shirt

The ranger roll is a folding method used by military units around the world. You can ranger roll just about any item of clothing. Here is how to ranger roll your t-shirts. 

Lay your shirt on a flat surface. 

Flip the bottom 3-4 inches of your shirt inside out to form a cuff.

Ranger roll 1

Fold the shirt vertically until the end of the sleeve reaches the opposite shoulder seam.

Ranger roll 2

Do the same thing with the other side.

Ranger roll 3

Then fold the sleeve back on top of itself to make a neat vertical column shape.

Ranger roll 4

Now, you’re ready to roll your shirt, starting from the top (the collar).

Ranger roll 5

Keep the roll nice and tight to maximize the space saving effect of this method.

Ranger roll 6

Flip it over, and tuck the shirt into the pouch you created in the first step.

Ranger roll 7

A completed ranger roll. That wasn’t very hard!

Kondo Folding T-Shirts

Remember the Kondo sock fold we talked about in a previous article? Marie Kondo also devised a clever way to fold t-shirts. Here’s how t-shirts according to her method:

Lay the shirt on a flat surface. 

Fold over the left right side of the shirt until the edge touches the middle. 

Kondo fold 1

Fold the right sleeve back on top of itself. 

Kondo fold 2

Repeat with the left side of the shirt. 

Kondo fold 3
Kondo fold 4

Fold the shirt in half (top to bottom). Leave about 3 inches on the bottom exposed. 

Kondo fold 5

Now fold from the bottom to the middle of the shirt. 

Kondo fold 6

Fold the bottom up towards the collar.

Kondo fold 7

A completed Kondo fold. The advantage of the Kondo fold is that shirts can stand on their sides. 

Kondo fold 8

This is a great space-saving technique!

How to Fold T-Shirts With a Panel

Ever wonder how to fold a tee shirt like a pro? This is how many clothing store clerks fold tee shirts before being displayed. 

For this method you’ll need a cardboard or sturdy plastic panel that has roughly the same surface area as a sheet of paper. You can trace a sheet of paper on a cardboard box and cut out a template. Alternatively, you could use a plastic 2-pocket folder. 

Lay the shirt on a flat surface. 

Panel fold 1

Place the panel on top of the shirt centered just below the collar. 

Panel fold 2

Fold the left side of the shirt to the right. 

Panel fold 3

Fold the right side of the shirt to the left. 

Panel fold 4

Fold the bottom of the shirt to the top as far as you can. 

Panel fold 5

Slide out the panel. 

Panel fold 6

A completed panel fold. 

Panel fold 7

This method makes it easy to avoid wrinkles!

How to Quickly Fold T-Shirts

This is the fastest way to fold a t-shirt. I learned the quick fold method from a video created by Antonio Centeno over at RMRS. 

Folding on a solid surface is especially helpful for this fold. 

Start by laying your t-shirt on a hard, flat surface. 

Quick fold 1

With your right hand, pinch the top left side of the shirt about 2 inches down from the collar. 

Quick fold 2

Now with your left hand, pinch the middle left side of the shirt. 

Quick fold 3

With your right hand still holding the top of the shirt, cross over your left hand and pinch the bottom hem of the shirt about 2 inches from the left side.

Quick fold 4

At this point, your arms should be crossed. While still holding the shirt in both hands, uncross your arms.

Quick fold 5

Turn the shirt over to the back side of the shirt. 

Quick fold 6

Fold the shirt over to the front. 

Quick fold 7

A finished “speedy folded” t-shirt. 

Quick fold 8

While this method takes some practice initially, soon you’ll be able to fold a t-shirt in seconds!

How to Fold T-Shirts Standing Up

All of the folds we’ve talked about so far require a flat solid surface to perform properly.

What if you don’t have a flat place readily available to use for folding (e.g. you don’t want to clear off the top of your dresser)?

This is where our next fold comes in. 

Pick up the t-shirt. 

Standing fold 1

Turn the shirt horizontally. 

Standing fold 2

Bring both hands together to fold the shirt in half. 

Standing fold 3

With the shirt folded in half, rest the shirt on your chest. 

Standing fold 4

Slide your hands halfway down the shirt. 

Standing fold 5

Folding away from your body, fold the shirt in half again. 

Standing fold 6

A completed standing fold. 

The standing fold allows you to neatly fold your shirts anywhere. 

Hanging T-Shirts

After you’ve found the perfect t-shirt and have bought a few, you have to figure out how you’ll store them. 

Hanging up your t-shirts is the easiest option if you have a lot of closet space. 

Hanging t shirts

Nothing complicated here. Just make sure you avoid using wire hangers if possible because they can damage your shirts.  

Storing T-Shirts in a Drawer

If you don’t have a big closet (or if your closet is full) you’ll probably want to store your t-shirts in a drawer. 

In my opinion, the Kondo fold is the best method for storing t-shirts in a drawer. It allows you to stand shirts up on their sides, allowing you to easily see all of your tees with one glance. 

Storing t shirts in drawer

Unless you pack too many shirts in a drawer, this method also helps you to avoid wrinkles because it is a pretty loose fold. You can also ranger roll t-shirts for drawer storage, but this can make it more difficult to tell different shirts apart. 

Packing T-Shirts for Travel

When packing t-shirts for a trip, the ranger roll should be your go-to option because it allows you to fold shirts compactly. 

Storing t shirts in duffel bag

You’d be surprised how much space you can save with this method!

Final Words on Folding Tees

There are many different ways to fold t-shirts. Spend just a few minutes practicing these methods the next time you do your laundry and soon you’ll be folding like a pro!

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