Is China Coming to Russia’s Rescue in Ukraine?

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT:  Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said at an annual parliamentary session in Beijing this week, that China is actively working to advance relations with Russia “as the world becomes more turbulent.” The announcement comes as Western countries warn China against providing lethal aid to Russia in support of it’s war in Ukraine. China has denied plans for arms transfers and has floated a proposal for a political settlement. As Chinese-Russian relations intensify, the world is left to wonder if expanded ties will enable Russia, either directly or indirectly, to sustain its aggressive military ambitions in Ukraine.

“I think China, with their peace proposal, — although a lot of it is disingenuous, we know that — it should be given a shot because China and Xi have influence on Russia,” said Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, one of several experts The Cipher Brief engaged for a discussion of what year two of the Ukraine conflict might bring, and the role China might play. “I think Xi can moderate Putin significantly,” DeTrani said. “There’s an opportunity there, and I think we could use it and we could use it smartly. But just vilifying and making China the enemy and going into a new Cold War, is not going to address the issues in Ukraine.”

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