‘Life After Lockup’: Michael Persaud Warns Justine Over Kids’ Discipline

Life After Lockup wife, Justine Persaud, and husband, Michael Persaud, still have much to learn about each other, especially regarding their different parenting styles.

She discovers that even though he appears to be patient so far, as time goes on, he plans on disciplining the children as he sees fit. One thing he tells his partner is he will not tolerate is disrespect.

Life After Lockup: Michael Persaud Tells Justine Persaud Things Will Change

One of the biggest adjustments Life After Lockup couple Michael Persaud and his wife Justine Persaud are having is adapting to their new living arrangements.

It is challenging for them as a couple and a blended family. She sat down with him recently and had a serious heart-to-heart. Justine shared all of her past fears and mistakes. She says she told him that because she carries serious mom guilt.

Life After Lockup: Justine Persaud - Michael Persaud
Life After Lockup: Justine Persaud – Michael Persaud – Image Credit: WEtv

He tried to comfort Justine. He said he understood everything she endured in her past relationships. But the past is over, and they have their future to look forward to.

Justine feels as if she rushed things too much with her kids. They married on the spur of the moment. Following his release, he moved right in with her and her children. Now just a month later, they are expecting their first baby together.

It is a lot of change and a lot for the kids to accept in a short time. The Life After Lockup mom’s oldest son Santanah. He is not ready to take Michael as his father or the man of the house. He also is unhappy over being forced to share his mom’s attention. So, it seems like he is acting out.

WEtv Mom Goes to Bat for Her Kids

Justine’s son is being rude and disrespectful to Michael. So far, Michael Persaud is patient, but he told his spouse that as time goes on, things will change. The Life After Lockup star told her he would not accept the kids being disrespectful. He adds that they will feel his wrath if they are.

Life After Lockup: Santanah
Life After Lockup: Santanah – Image Credit: WEtv

His words concern Justine. So, she goes to bat again to explain that it will take more time with Santanah. Michael agrees, for now.

But she worries a huge blowup will eventually occur between her son and husband. This is something she is not ready to deal with. So, she wants to figure out how to prevent it before it happens.

Justine Persaud of Life After Lockup knows it is only a matter of time before they face off. However, she doesn’t want to choose between them.

Some fans find Justine’s concern over his parenting odd. Especially considering she had a huge blowup with his mom just a few weeks before over the same issue.

Life After Lockup: Michael Informs His Family He Calls the Shots

WEtv’s Michael and Justine discuss making a move. They feel that relocating to a new state and a larger city will give them a fresh start as a family and help the Life After Lockup rapper’s music career.

They haven’t decided yet, but they are leaning toward Las Vegas. But they want their input to help make Justine’s kids feel more at ease.

Even though the parents ask for the children’s thoughts and opinions, Michael clarifies one thing. While their voices will be considered, in the end, the final decision will ultimately be his.

Since he is the head of the family and the only breadwinner. His decision will be final. Justine Persaud is unhappy with the circumstances.

But she knows she is stuck given her current condition, pregnant and jobless. The Life After Lockup star is now rethinking her decision to rush into things with Michael Persaud. But, no matter how she feels about things, what is done is done.

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