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90-year-old tortoise becomes father of three BBC

Loneliness and the Trinity of Creativity: Ada Lovelace, the Poles of the Mind, and the Source of Her Imaginative Powers The Marginalian (Chuck L)

Posed Riddles Drift Magazine (Anthony l)


What Worked Against Covid: Masks, Closures and Vaccines Wall Street Journal (Dr. Kevin)

How a nasal vaccine could reduce the risk of COVID infections — and new variants Marketwatch (ma)


Minnesota Nuclear Power Plant Leaks 400,000 Gallons Of Radioactive Water OilPrice (resilc)

Big Oil Plans to Artificially Freeze the Melting Arctic to Drill More Oil Vice (furzy)

Ocean Farming: Seaweed Is Having Its Moment In the Sun New York Times (Dr. Kevin)

Global Fresh Water Demand Will Outstrip Supply By 40% by 2030, Say Experts Guardian. We’ve been warning for years what potable water was the natural resource that would come under acute pressure first.


US and other Western nations wary of Xi’s trip to Moscow South China Morning Post

China-proposed initiative on global civilization hailed China Daily (resilc)

TikTok’s Plan To Stave Off Government Intervention: Flood DC With influencers Politico

China-Argentina on verge of region-rattling fighter deal Asia Times (Kevin W)

India’s Impending BrahMos Deal With Indonesia Could Shift ASEAN’s Military-Strategic Dynamics Andrew Korybko (Micael T)

Pakistan Police Raids Ex-Premier Imran Khan’s Lahore House: TV Bloomberg

Old Blighty

UK Pension Funds Flee the Equity Market, Adding to London Woes Bloomberg

UK Backs Rolls-Royce Project To Build a Nuclear Reactor On the Moon CNBC(cnbc.c

La belle France

Fury in France as protesters block Paris ring road following Macron’s forced pension reform France24

New Not-So-Cold War

ICC judges issue arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes Guardian. We talked about Ukraine resorting to stunts (mainly of the terrorist sort) because it can’t win the wor. Now we have this. As chris remarked:

So the court we don’t recognize, and that Russia doesn’t recognize (both for the same reasons), is going to limit Putin how? And his ability to do things is going to be affected because why?

In Ukraine, US focused on delivering weapons, not diplomacy — secretary of state TASS

Understanding the Scale and Brutality and the Global Stakes of the War in Ukraine Larry Johnson

The Gathering Storm Douglas Macgregor, American Conservative

Kiev issues warning to countries that don’t support Ukraine RT (Kevin W)

Türkiye moves to ratify Finland’s NATO bid in parliament Anadolu Agency

Banned From Russian Airspace, U.S. Airlines Look to Restrict Competitors New York Times. This will simply make the US less attractive a destination by increasing transit times for all passengers who would otherwise use trans-Russian routes.


Will Bibi break Israel? Economist

Former Israeli premier urges world leaders to shun Netanyahu Associated Press (resilc)

For first time, Democrats sympathize more with Palestinians than Israelis: Poll Salon

Iranians are done with Kings and Ayatollahs, and look back to Mosaddegh for a Way forward Juan Cole

Iraq war: 20 years later and no lessons learned by war’s proponents, experts say Middle East Eye

Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On, 4. The Inspectors BBC Radio 4 (resilc)

Saddam’s rusting yacht serves as picnic spot for Iraqi fishermen Reuters (resilc)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

AI Fools Voice Recognition Used To Verify Identity By Australian Tax Office Guardian

Why Palantir’s latest NHS land-grab is such bad news for patients openDemocracy

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Trouble with AUKUS Daniel Larison

What the AUKUS sub ruckus means for regional security Responsible Security


Trump-commissioned report undercut his claims of dead and double voters Washington Post


Where the money went: The Bidens and Biden associates that received Chinese cash New York Post (furzy)

Per below, you have no expectation of privacy with respect to your garbage and abandoned property. This is just harassment of that poor schlub repair shop owner. However, if someone on the right were alert, they’d fund his defense, because repair shop owner would get to do discovery on Hunter.


Rural America and suburbs part company politically Asia Times

‘Mutilating children for profit’: California teenager sues doctors over breast-removal surgery at age 13 in Kaiser Permanente’s SECOND blockbuster transgender lawsuit Daily Mail

Our No Longer Free Press

The Twitter Files and the new censorship regime Andrew Lowenthal

Residents’ Right to Be Rude Upheld by Massachusetts Supreme Court New York Times (resilc). So individuals can be impolitic but not anyone with a megaphone.

B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

First Republic Rescue Effort Fails to Ease Investor Worries Wall Street Journal

UBS in talks to acquire Credit Suisse Financial Times

This is Fascism, SVB Bailout Edition CounterPunch. Nice shout-out!

Biden to Congress: Ban execs of failed banks from the industry Axios. Resilc: “You mean like Barney Frank?”

The Bezzle

Microsoft Is Testing a Built-In Cryptocurrency Wallet For the Edge Browser ars technica

Guillotine Watch

Kiss my a$$: Credit Suisse wife Lizzie Asher flashes butt amid $54B bailout Page Six. Resilc: “Where is ISIS when you need them to run burn cages?”

Class Warfare


Google nixes paying out rest of medical leave for laid-off employees CNBC. Resilc: “When does someone gun up?”

A perfect storm of food-stamp cuts and low tax refunds is looming — and discount chains like Dollar General and Big Lots could feel the pain Business Insider

How Mental Health Care Is Near-Impossible to Get on Medicaid Intercept

Antidote du jour (Tracie H):

And a bonus. Resilc’s sheep herd:

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