Niche Research Simplified (Link-BL)

Niche Research Simplified

If you really want to make the most money possible from your niche blogs, you absolutely need to research markets, verify the viability of niches and know, with certainty, what people are interested in, searching for and willing to buy.

Without proper research, you have little idea as to what products or services you should include within your website, but more importantly, you aren’t sure WHAT people are entering into the search engines when searching for these products.
This is where niche and keyword research comes into play. By defining the most popular keywords used by your target audience, you can incorporate them into your blogs optimization strategy and content to attract organic traffic from the search engines.

Your blog will be thoroughly optimized and VERY targeted towards hungry buyers.

(Plus, you can swipe commissions by piggy backing off of successful marketing campaigns that others have created!)
For example, you decide you are going to include the ClickBank product “Acne Free In 3 Days” on your niche blog, as a way of generating commissions from referrals, so you set to work implementing affiliate campaigns into your blogs content..

You know that people who are likely to purchase this product are suffering from acne and want a quick and pain free solution so you’ve already finished half your research: You’re able to define WHO your market is.
In order to optimize the content on your niche blog, you will want to include the product name AND author name in both your content and your title, so that your page quickly ranks in the search engines, and is directed towards people who aren’t just searching for an acne cure, but who are interested in this specific product.

By including author names, website URL’s and product titles in your content you are able to create laser-targeted pages that will boost your position in the search engines, while making it easier for you to “swipe” commissions from people who are already interested in the product but need a bit more information or reassurance before making the purchase.

Each page on your niche blog should always include relevant keywords, but to better optimize your site, include SPECIFIC keywords involving the products and services you are writing about.

As we begin our journey into finding profitable niche markets, stop to ask yourself. ‘What are people desperate for?’ or ‘What do people REALLY need?’
By answering that question, you’ll be able to tap into countless profitable niche markets, because when it comes to what people NEED rather than what they WANT, you’ve got yourself some hungry, desperate buyers who will anxiously
purchase instant solutions or remedies to their questions and concerns.

You’ve probably heard of just how profitable ‘desperate markets’ is and there’s good reason for this. Markets that are considered desperate are not only easier to target but easier to sell to.

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