‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Gives Up the Brown Family Name

Sister Wives daughter Gwendlyn Brown dropped a bombshell that she’s shedding her dad, Kody Brown‘s, last name. Here’s the scoop on why she won’t be a Brown anymore and when she’ll make it official in our latest report.

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Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Ditches Dad Kody Brown’s Last Name

Hey reality TV fans. We’ve got a Sister Wives update for you direct from SoapDirt.com. This is about Gwendlyn Brown, one of the very vocal grown children of Kody Brown and Christine Brown.

She doesn’t mind sharing her criticism and thoughts about the polygamist family she grew up in. And the big news today is that Gwendlyn is rejecting the name Brown and is planning to change her last name.

So here’s the news on what she’s changing it to, why she’s changing it, and what else is going on with her. Gwendlyn Brown, if you don’t know, is the 21-year-old daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, and she is engaged to Beatrice Queiroz.

Now, she shared that she will be taking her partner’s last name when they marry and that the marriage will come soon. Gwendlyn revealed this recently when she announced that she had achieved a creator award from YouTube.

She had over 100,000 subscribers on her channel, and she gathered most of those followers doing reaction videos to the last season of Sister Wives.

And of course, a lot of fans had very definite reactions to this season, which started out with her mom packing up to move to Utah. Because Christine, as we know, left Kody and that was revealed towards the end of the season before last on TLC.

YouTube Award for Huge Subscriber Base — Dissing Family Pays?

Last season, we were watching how the family pulled apart and how they were functioning with Christine out of the picture, although she was still filming. And then, of course, Janelle Brown followed Christine out of the family.

Sister Wives - Gwendlyn Brown

Then, Meri Brown finally gave up on Kody and also left him. So, Kody Brown, the great polygamist is down to one wife, which makes him just a husband. Although, there are rumors that he’s wife shopping for one or more Sister Wives

So, Gwendlyn showed off her big shiny YouTube award. It’s really cool. It’s a big silver plaque with a play button. And she said she had them put the award in the name of Gwendlyn Queiroz. Because she’s planning on taking her fiance’s last name.

Their wedding is coming in about five months from now she also revealed. So, this is a really big deal. A bunch of the Brown kids are already married and have kids of their own. So, Kody’s got several grandkids and Christine has several grandkids.

But this has been a really big deal and Gwendlyn Brown said that her fiance, Beatriz, was really excited about her getting this plaque. Queiroz proposed to Gwendlyn Brown last November.

Beatrice Queiroz Romantic Proposal for Sister Wives Daughter Gwendlyn

Sister Wives’ offspring Gwendlyn dated Beatrice for about eight months before the proposal. And Gwendlyn said yes — and then revealed that she was engaged. They had a romantic outdoor engagement location.

Sister Wives - Gwendlyn Brown and Beatriz Queiroz

They were in the woods. There were rose petals. There were candles. It definitely looks like Beatriz went all out for her girlfriend Gwendlyn, to make this proposal as romantic as possible.

And it’s really interesting because again, the Brown family name at this point comes with a whole lot of baggage. And, Gwendlyn her first name, is so unique. It’s not like just adding the last name Queiroz will make her slide into anonymity.

Plus, we expect that there’s gonna be another season ahead even though Kody has no Sister Wives. He’s just got a wife. Maybe it’ll transition into Seeking Sister Wives on TLC.

But for now, it is definitely very interesting to watch how the family lines are being drawn and what side the kids are on. Because Christine’s kids and Janelle’s kids have been pretty vocal about their issues with Kody Brown.

Kody’s Grown Kids Turning on Him – Accusations Fly

Paedon Brown is one of the most vocal of the Brown offspring. And he and some of his siblings alleged abuse at the hands of one of the other wives. And so there’s all kinds of dirty laundry seeping out around Janelle’s boys and other kids.

We saw a season before last how upset they were because Kody, with his extreme COVID protocol was basically telling Janelle’s older sons that they had to avoid dating. And they had to do all this so that they could spend time with Kody.

But the Sister Wives boys were like — I don’t think so. And so that put a rift in the family. In hindsight, it didn’t stop anything because just about everybody in their family got COVID.

And the rumor was that Kody and Robyn Brown’s nanny was the one that gave them the virus while still following their protocol. So, it is just all very messy. And it also feels like the Brown family would have fractured anyway.

Was Kody-Christine Split Inevitable on Sister Wives?

It seems like Gwendlyn’s mom and dad would have split anyway. because it wasn’t just COVID. It was years and years of Christine not getting what she says is the kind of love that she needed in her life.

And of course, Gwendlyn Brown is happy now that her mom is dating David Wooley, who is himself the dad of several kids and has grandkids. So he’s also a grandparent. He’s very age appropriate for her. She met him in Utah where she’s moved to.

And Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn and Paedon and all of them seem to be really happy that their moms stepped away from Kody and out of this mess. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love all their siblings. The ones from Robyn. the one child from Meri.

And the ones from Janelle and Christine are all pretty tight. There’s still lines being drawn because there’s still a lot of anger and resentment. And Kody Brown had said that he has no reason to apologize about anything and stands by that.

So, some of the older kids are annoyed about his mindset. Seems to be that the kids that matter are the kids that are under 18. And once they’re 18, he thinks it’s just tough luck.

However, Robyn’s older kids are still living at home — as far as we know at least one of them is. Meanwhile, Kody wanted Janelle to toss her kids out, right at 18. So it’s all just a big, messy, messy Sister Wives mess.

Gwendlyn Brown Wedding This Summer – Last Name Change Countdown

But the good news is — Gwendlyn Brown is getting married in five months, so it’s a Summer wedding for Gwendlyn and Beatrice Queiroz. It’s a Portuguese name and doesn’t roll off my tongue real easily.

And she’ll go from being Gwendlyn Brown to Gwendlyn Queiroz, and she already has it on a plaque. She has it etched in metal. So good news for her on hitting that milestone. Good news for her on her engagement and her upcoming nuptials.

And good news for her on her name change. And she won’t be the first daughter of course to take their spouse’s name, among the kids, Maddie is now Maddie Brown Brush.

There are several kids that took their spouse’s name, so this is not surprising. But it is kind of big news that she hit this milestone with YouTube and that she did it by talking about the Sister Wives family. Thanks for listening.

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