The Coolest Easter Eggs We Found In The Last Of Us Season 1

There are a thousand ways to end an episode of television — so how do you end one of the best? “Long Long Time” is arguably the crown jewel of this nine-episode treasure trove, and though it deviates from the source material more than any other, it includes one of the most obvious nods in the series. As Linda Ronstadt’s titular gem plays, Joel and Ellie drive away from Bill and Frank’s humble abode in Lincoln, Massachusetts, viewed from the dearly departed couple’s bedroom window. 

Anyone who’s even turned on the original game will immediately recognize the interior-window shot as the game’s title screen, now mirrored and featuring an open window instead of a closed one. Craig Mazin revealed (via Inverse) each episode was originally going to open with a window shot (akin to turning on the game to “play” the episode), but the idea never made it past conception. Instead, the iconic shot became a one-bullet-in-the-chamber opportunity. The chosen placement is nothing short of a bullseye.

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