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Contemplation is the final level of meditation. In this state of mind, virtually anything and everything is possible. Yet, not many can understand what contemplation is without experiencing it.

During contemplation, you enter an entirely new world of thought and mind. Instead of thinking about yourself and your own problems, you are now connected with the entire universe. Here, your body and your own mind are let go. Now, you are experiencing a level of consciousness that allows you to connect with the cosmos. You realize now that you are part of a much grander scheme of things. You know that you are just one small part of a very large world. But, the key to contemplation is the ability to become united with all of this.

When you obtain this highest level of meditation, you enter into the state of Realization of Cosmic Consciousness. Now, you have entered into a very enlightened, meaningful and completely connected level.

Those that practice meditation know that this stage of being, of being in the highest form of meditation is what you should be experiencing. In fact, most believe it is something that you are born with the need and ability to accomplish.
The process of meditation is rather drawn out, but each stage in the game is something that must be fully understood if you are to find yourself experiencing all that it can offer.

Look at the way that your mind works today, right now. How does it feel? Are you thinking about this book, reading it, but have the commercials from the television drawn you in? Or, are the kids bellowing for you? Each time that you face a distraction, your mind is pulled in another direction making it nearly impossible for you to focus and to obtain true meditation.

Yet, this is something that you can learn. In fact, it is something that you are born with the ability to achieve and even given the right to obtain. Allow yourself just a few minutes a day to work towards total enlightenment with meditation and you’ll find yourself in a completely different frame of mind.
As a beginner, don’t let the process of meditation worry you. The fact is that it is easy to understand and fully something you can obtain.

meditation can do for you by what it does for others. Meditation is something you should consider and these are just a handful of reasons why.

The largest and most profound benefit of meditation is reaching enlightenment through the Contemplation phase of meditating. Achieving this allows you to become a whole new person, one that has the ability to live a full and happy life beyond that of what a person dealing with only “normal” brain activity can.

You can learn to be more compassionate. You’ll learn how to become a good person. You can learn to be more understanding, more interesting, and more educated. You’ll also become a person that is able to enjoy their life to the fullest, knowing what is out there and what role they play in that universe.

When you can fully reach this state of being and of consciousness, the fact is that you can transform yourself and experience true Grace.

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